If you’re required to write a college paper, you’ll need to stick to a particular format when writing it. It’s very important to meet all the requirements of the needed formatting style. If you format your paper in a wrong way, your teacher isn’t likely to accept it. If in your assignment guidelines, it’s indicated that you should write your paper in the MLA style, for example, you should take a number of particular steps when formatting your document.

Steps to Take to Meet an MLA College Paper Format

  1. Set up general document settings.
  2. This step requires you to set the margins on all sides to one inch, double-space the entire paper (2.0 line height) and set the font size to 12 pt. Also, make sure that you use the Times New Roman font type.

  3. Add a page header.
  4. Using the special “Page Header” function of a word processor that you prefer, you should create a header in the top right corner of a page. This header should include a page number and your surname.

  5. Add a title block.
  6. In accordance with the MLA college paper writing format, in the upper left corner of the first page, you should type your name. On the next line, you should type the name of your instructor. On the next line, you should add the course number and section. On the next line, you should indicate the data of the submission. Centered on the next line, you should type the full title of your academic work.

  7. Format the citations.
  8. It’s likely that you’ll reference different sources in your academic paper. Moreover, you’re likely to use different types of citations, such as citing a block quote, citing an inline quotation, citing a paraphrase, and so on. Look closely at your assignment guidelines to learn the details about formatting each of these types of citations.

  9. Create a works cited list.
  10. At the end of your paper, you should have a list of all the sources used in your research. To create it, start a new page and title it “Works Cited.” Then, you should begin a numbered list of sources in the alphabetical order by the author’s last name. Use your assignment guidelines to learn how to create entries for different types of sources correctly.

How to Get a College Research Paper Sample

A great way to understand how to format your paper is to look at a well-formatted example. Fortunately, there are a few ways in which you may get the needed samples:

  • Go to your college library.
  • In this place, there should be a lot of papers written by other students. Almost all of them are likely to be formatted correctly. However, it’s advisable to take only those papers that have earned high scores as examples.

  • Contact local college paper writers.
  • It’s likely that in your local area, there are some people who write academic papers professionally. You may ask them to provide you with some of their old works as examples. Since you won’t ask them for creating custom papers, they’re likely to provide you with the needed samples for cheap.

  • Deal with a college paper writing service.
  • The Internet is full of agencies that compose custom term papers on different topics. If you contact such an agency, you’ll be able to acquire a lot of different papers formatted in different styles. The quality of their samples should be rather high.

Now, you know what activities should be performed to format your college term paper in a proper way. Remember, however, that formatting is one of the last steps that you should take during your work. Make sure to conduct research and fully write your paper first.