Stuck on selecting the topic for your argumentative research paper? The best advice is to write about something you know a lot about or really interested in. Here are some topics presented by WriteMyEssay.Today for you to help you find a good idea. They are divided in 4 big thematic groups for your convenience:

  1. Argumentative topics on Healthy eating and Diets:
    • Why are calories tracking diets considered the most effective?
    • Shall teenagers lose weights with the help of diets?
    • Is it possible to keep the lost weight?
    • How genetics influences overweighting?
    • Do meal programming application for phones and tablets work?
    • How shall schools promote healthy eating habits?
    • Shall be selling of “bad” snacks and fast food restricted?

  2. Argumentative topics on Environmental protection and Pollution:
    • Does recycling help us to improve the environmental situation in the world?
    • Shall supermarkets refuse from selling plastic bags in order for people to use more paper bags?
    • How can universities and schools encourage environmental protection programs?
    • Shall the government pilot anti-deforestation programs?
    • How will increasing of renewable energy sources help decrease the air pollution?

  3. Argumentative topics on Family and Personal relationship:
    • Shall parental leaving be more available for fathers?
    • What is the reason of staying in abusive relationship?
    • Can personal relationship transform into friendship?
    • Shall an economically unstable family have a lot of children?
    • How much influence shall grandparents have in a child’s life?
    • At what age is it better to have children?
    • How will teenage pregnancy influence the future lives of both parents?

  4. Argumentative topics on Technological Progress:
    • How can creation of an artificial mind be dangerous for humans?
    • How can social media prevent the child from developing social skills?
    • Is using mobile phones, tablets and computers good for children under 10 years old?
    • How is reading and E-book eco-friendly?
    • Shall 3D printers be available for everyday use?
    • Shall parents be able to choose the sex, looks and qualities of the future child?

These are just basic ideas of what you can write about. They are supposed to give you an idea in what direction to go, or what may be interesting for you to write about. If you will create your topic yourself, make sure it is arguable (there is a point of argument and different views on it) and doable (you will be able to easily find arguments and facts or statistics to prove your arguments with. Good luck!